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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Long Hair Tips

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How to grow hair faster?

          Are you pissed off with your short hair? Do you want to grow your hair longer, but it’s taking forever? Do you want to design your hair but it’s too short? Well, it seems that today is your lucky day, because in this article, we are going to discuss about growing your hair faster. You might be thinking and searching of ways to make your hair grow faster, yeah? But how sure are you that your researches are reliable? You don’t want losing your hair instead, right?
Top 5 best ways to grow hair faster.
       In this portion we’re going to discuss the TOP 5 BEST WAYS TO GROW HAIR FASTER.
 Brush your hair 2-3 minutes a day

Make sure that you BRUSH you hair 2-3 minutes a day, you can do it when you wake up or before bed time or even after shower. This is to stimulate the blood circulation in your scalp, your hair follicles need a healthy blood circulation to produce a new hair and of course to grow your hair longer. Try doing this in day to day basis, It won’t hurt you. PROMISE! 
    Eat Proteins

Protein plays a big part in growing your hair faster, especially when you eat it, but putting eggs on your hair wouldn’t make them grow longer because it does not affect the hair follicles where the growth takes place, and on top that if you put too much protein treatments on your hair on a weekly basis like more than once a week, you’re definitely in trouble! You’re not growing your hair; you’re breaking ‘em. So better be careful on what you do to your hair, EVERYTHING THAT IS TOO MUCH IS BAD.
    Wash your hair regularly

There are times in which your hair is being exposed to dirt and dust, yeah? Like when you had your day out, your hair tend to filter all the dust and dirt in the air so what is happening is that, your hair follicles are clogging up due to the accumulation of dirt, dust and oil in your scalp, you might wanna head to the shower now if you think you’ve been exposed to dirt earlier. 
But wait up! Always remember EVERYTHING THAT IS TOO MUCH IS NOT GOOD. Don’t over wash your hair, okay?! Washing it often will take away those necessary oils in your hair; you don’t want to end up having a dry hair, do you?
         Eat Salmon

You might be wondering, how the hell could salmon make my hair grow faster?
As a matter fact salmon is the secret to a long and thick hair. But how is that?  Since Salmon contains plenty of fatty acids called OMEGA3 which your hair needs to be glossier, thicker and of course healthier, isn’t that a good thing?
    At-Home scalp massage
Body massages felt really amazing and of course it’s very relaxing, right? And on top of that it helps for a better blood circulation in your body. My point is, why not have some at-home scalp massage to help the blood in your scalp circulate better, it was proven that healthy blood circulation in the scalp helps the follicles grow the hair.
Very slow & smoothly message your scalp.

Many of these vitamins assist in hair growth and make them healthy and strong. While others nourish the scalp strengthening each hair strand and giving the overall healthy shiny finish. 
Here is some example.
Just follow this Intructions I hope everyone very helpful.
Thank you.



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